Squid Commercial Fishing

Squid for Human Consumption

Due to the overwhelming demand for calamari by humans, commercial fishing for them is a big business. There are plenty of restaurants out there that serve this type of dish. There are also plenty of recipes that can be made at home. Calamari isn’t cheap either so there is a good profit margin involved with it.

There are a variety of methods used to capture squid while they are still alive. The main one used is called jigging. This is a process of luring them with bright objects being placed into the water. They are pulled up and then put back down again over and over. The squid are attracted to the lights that these types of movement create.

There are also special types of nets that can be used to capture squid. The size of them will depend on the type of squid that are to be trapped in them. These nets are reusable too so they are a very good investment.

There are some locations where commercial fishing takes place more than others. There are 15 main arteries where the squid are collected in large masses on a daily basis. They are placed on big boats and then taken back to the shore. Sometimes the employees on these boats work for 36 hours at a time to continue keeping up with the amount of squid being captured in a given location.

Not all squid are hunted though to be used as a source of food. Some people find it thrilling to hunt for the giant squid. They are amazing creatures and one that some people even fear. Hunting one of them is an amazing adventure and one a person will never forget. There are also guided hunts for them that take a person deep below the surface of the water.

A variety of tools are used to hunt these giant squid that way. The fact that it isn’t always easy to find them or to kill them attracts many people to this type of sport. Some only want the adventure and then the thrill of killing them. Others want that and also to make calamari out of the squid they have taken in on their own.

There is not going to be any stopping commercial fishing when it comes to squid in the near future. First, there is such a high demand for it that there is simply too much money to be made from it. Second, there is enough squid in the waters that these fishermen can easily get a good yield day after day. It isn’t a hit or miss event like it is when they are fishing for other aquatic life.

As long as the squid numbers are high, government agencies aren’t going to step in and put limits on where such hunting for them can take place. There are some people out there that fear such limits would make the cost of squid so high that most people could no longer afford to eat it. That would definitely hurt many industries out there.

None of the various species of squid are endangered at this time so that means most of the time commercial hunting for them isn’t a concern. There are some areas where it is a better market though. These are often taken up by the larger companies but you will still find some smaller operations getting themselves a good catch out there as well. You can watch some videos online too about the process of squid hunting if you want to see it first hand. It can be very exciting to do so.

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